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Emailing JumpRope Reports (v.2)

Using JumpRope Bulk Communication Wizard from the teacher dashboard to email PDF reports to parents/students.

Tutorial on how students can sign into their TypingClub accounts with ease. Once you sign in: practice, practice, practice!

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What is Design Thinking (2015)

Design Thinking. Brought to you by Daylight Design. Suppose you are part of a thriving business and need to branch out and find that next big thing. Or say you want to change a behavior, like getting people...a lot of use less energy in their homes. How would you go about it?

GoogleCast for Education

Google cast for education makes digital sharing in the classroom easier. Let students project their screens from their workstations.

Using Google Chats

Make school communication more fluid and efficient with google chats. Tutorial on how to add it to the right side of your gmail.

Creating Email Contact Groups

Creating commonly used lists and groups can help you save time and make your school digital communication processes more efficient.

There’s a calendar for every technology resource. See this tutorial for sign-out those resources. First come first served, so plan well and plan ahead!

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Adding LTs in JumpRope's Standards Bank

Tutorials for JumpRope's Standards Based Reporting Platform.
The team's been hard at work! Release Notes 5/18/17